Happy Birthday Betty!


Just over a year ago, Blooming Betty was born. Launched with the goal of representing the voice of women who share the common dream of feeling successful.  To be a friend and help you and other women find or hold on to your truest selves. Sharing our belief that true success is individual, personal, relational, and dynamic. It is tied to who we are; the people in our lives who matter to us; and our unique situations.  Never to be judged by others.

With our weekly columns, Facebook and Twitter updates, and thought provoking questions, we strive to offer you a more relevant and useful approach to the endless female challenge: balancing the call of the marketplace, the home and the self.  Over the past year we have talked about values, marriagefriendships, work, relationships, and self-confidence all in the vein of their affect on our individual success. Some factual, some editorial and some mixed together…  but all with the goal of striking a cord with women of all ages and stages.

A huge heartfelt thank-you to our readers (around the world!) .  Thank-you for taking the time to read, comment and share Blooming Betty with your friends, family and colleagues.  Please continue because the more women that join our conversation, the richer our content and the more we can learn from and support each other.

As with all milestones, it’s a great time for reflection but also for planning.  To get excited for the year ahead and think about what we can do better, do more of and even less of toosmiley.  So we reach out to you, our fantastically amazing readers, and ask:

What has been your favorite Blooming Betty post?

What topics would you like to see us cover in the upcoming year?

What else would you like to see on our website?  Tools? Surveys?  More questions?

Either email me with your  thoughts or post in the comment section!

So please enjoy a peice of cake to celebrate with us (we certainly will) and can't wait for year number 2.  It is going to be great.


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