Summer Pondering

Funny little girl swims in a pool in an yellow life preserver

It's been a few weeks since I have written a post.  I apologize, it seems as though life has gotten in the way.  Between work, the end of school flurry, a few personal things that have needed some attention, and getting two kids off to camp (sniff sniff), Blooming Betty has been neglected. I guess in busy times, something always does!

But truthfully, more than just the busyness of my crazy life, I have been struggling with the direction Betty should take, how to keep it fresh, build readership, what issues to tackle editorially. The world of blogging is crowded, and really, what do you as readers really have the time and interest for? How many different things can we read in a day or a week? Internet research is showing that despite the abundance of information and great writers, people are actually narrowing their choices, not increasing.  So how can Blooming Betty stay relelvant enough to be important to you? Whether that be to provide a laugh, some insight or even to agree/ disagree with me?   

I re-read Betty's promise … to offer you a more relevant and useful approach to the female challenge: balancing the call of the marketplace, the home and the self.  Through a better mix of opportunities to reflect, read, watch and talk, Blooming Betty wants to  help you navigate the road to a richer life by uncovering, endorsing and supporting your personal definition of success through life’s journey.

So, I'm going to take the summer months to ponder how to continue to live up to this promise and figure a few things out, lets see where the path takes me …

In the meantime, enjoy your summer.  Stay healthy, laugh a lot, feel the warm summer sun on your (sunscreened) face, and spend time with people that make you happy.

See you in September!





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