About Us


Betty is the voice of women who share the dream of feeling successful.  She believes in the “you” that you want to be; empowering you to stake your claim to life success as you personally define it.   She is your online mentor for finding and holding onto your truest self.  She is smart, listens hard and has a hand to your back – not to push, but to help you hold steady to what matters most.

Betty’s Perspective

Climbing the traditional ladder of success just doesn’t work for most women!  Betty research shows that true success is individual, personal, relational, and dynamic. True success is tied to who we are; the people in our lives who matter to us; and our unique situations.  

Betty’s Promise

To offer you a more relevant and useful approach to the female challenge: balancing the call of the marketplace, the home and the self.  Through a better mix of opportunities to reflect, read, watch and talk, Blooming Betty will help you navigate the road to a richer life by uncovering, endorsing and supporting your personal definition of success through life’s journey.


Lori Miller Pike, a seasoned marketer from NYC, who met her Toronto husband on a bike trip in Utah, reestablished herself in Toronto and soon became mother to a pair of twins, recognized that such questions dogged the many women in her life daily.  There were too many smart and wonderful women walking around feeling completely unsuccessful! Lori firmly believes that every woman should feel successful if she is living life according to her own definition of success. 

Sue Van Der Hout, a long-time lawyer, married with two grown sons found herself exploring the same issues with women seeking leadership insights.  She’d asked it of herself over the 30 years of her working life – “Is success climbing a ladder? Status? Money? Breathing and dodging the twin dragons of “must be” and “must do”? What does happiness look like at different ages and stages?“

Lori and Sue welcome you to Blooming Betty and ask you to jump in with both feet –Discover your own definition of success.


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