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Taking One For The Team

There’s a new guy in my life. We started living together 2 weeks ago attempting to get used to each other day by day. We’re really quite different. He’s happy and giddy every morning, me, maybe two out of seven. … Continue reading »

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Vulnerability can be beautiful. Or so they say.


O.K. January was clearly not my month. My mom was in the hospital in NYC, tons of deadlines and 3 nasty vertigo attacks from Menieres that rattled me to the core.  One even ended with me in emergency, however, it … Continue reading »

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Getting rid of a friend, could you do it?

two girls in quarrel

Reading the New York Times on Sunday, I came across the article, It’s not me, it’s you, written by Alex Williams. Williams explores what I think is a very interesting topic, the delicate task of ending friendships, particularly female friendships. … Continue reading »

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Do you know what month it is?


I do.  January is National Mentoring Month. Created in 2002 by the Harvard School of Public Health and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, National Mentoring Month focuses national attention on the need for mentors, as well as how each of us—individuals, … Continue reading »

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Lessons from Mom

When you're five, she's a goddess. You smear your face with her lipstick and model her earrings and high heels, wanting to be just like mommy. That's the way it is until you're about thirteen, when she suddenly becomes the … Continue reading »

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More on Marriage


Ahhhh…. Marriage.  In my last few posts I started to touch on the subject.  The subject is massive and I often debate as to how to include it  in a valuable way on Blooming Betty. No doubt it should be … Continue reading »

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Stand By Your Man, or Not?


In the tawdry world of rich and powerful men who fall from grace, perhaps no image is more gripping than the long-suffering wife, standing by a fallen husband despite his public mea culpa. Think Bill Clinton, Bernie Madoff, Elliott Spitzer, … Continue reading »

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Is home really where the heart is?


The plane takes off, the seat belt light goes on and as usual, everyone starts to relax and enjoy their flight.  Me, I feel the usual pit in my stomach and baby sized tears swell in the corner of my … Continue reading »

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Oh what a night …

Girl Talk

I am not going to sugar coat,  last week's column was really difficult and emotional to write.  It talked candidly about the negativity and hurt I was struggling with as the co-chair of the parents association of my children’s school and … Continue reading »

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Let our conversations begin …


Last week I wrote about both the Quarter Life Crisis and the Mid-Life Crisis.  While they are both real and recognized as transition periods in a our lives, I feel strongly that for most women, life is a continuous passage. … Continue reading »

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