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Summer Pondering

Funny little girl swims in a pool in an yellow life preserver

It's been a few weeks since I have written a post.  I apologize, it seems as though life has gotten in the way.  Between work, the end of school flurry, a few personal things that have needed some attention, and … Continue reading »

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This is your chance!

…. to tell me what you want to see on Blooming Betty! Topics of blog posts, video, guest interviews or posts, surveys name it.   Of course within the women's success area.  .  Don't be shy …I really do want … Continue reading »

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Will you be making end of year “stock”?

Last year about this time I wrote about Taking Stock. My thought was to use the holiday season, typically fraught with hustle, bustle and social obligations (aka overload), to breathe, reflect on the past year and what you want out … Continue reading »

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Blooming Betty …

… was busy celebrating US Thanksgiving in Canada yesterday   WIshing all of my American family and friends a happy and healthy holiday.  But in true American style, the ending of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season.  And what … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday Betty!


Just over a year ago, Blooming Betty was born. Launched with the goal of representing the voice of women who share the common dream of feeling successful.  To be a friend and help you and other women find or hold on to … Continue reading »

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Thinking of “Relaunching your” career? Here is an idea.


If you are returning to work after a “career break” (aka “off ramped”, “opted out”, took the "mommy track" or any other lovely labels), or maybe you would like to make changes to your current career path, well you should … Continue reading »

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Professional networks … might be for you.

Portrait of a female executive

Wow.  Only the first week of September and already I’ve had at least ten conversations with smart, professional women who are either thinking of leaving their office jobs for something more flexible or would like to re-enter the work force … Continue reading »

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Eeeek! Summer.

Sent to me by a friend, this comic made me laugh out loud.  You see, it is me to a tee.  I relish in life’s busyness until I hit a tipping point and dream of the comfort of routine, but … Continue reading »

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Graduation day is here …


Walking with a friend on the Upper West Side of Manhattan a few weeks ago, we passed the 2011 New York University Law School convocation ceremony (fancy for graduation).  My friend, an alumni of NYU Law, now in her mid- … Continue reading »

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What I’m reading


Have you ever felt invisible? Taken advantage of? Reluctant (or unable) to articulate what you really want? If so, join the club. The nice girls club. Nice girls – that’s right, girls – are those more concerned with pleasing others … Continue reading »

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